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Make Your Money Work Hard For You

Earn (8-15)% on Your On Your Money By Getting Involved In Real Estate   

If funding our projects and making a great return sounds like something you would be Interested in  please call (850) 764-1474.  


You may also email us at  Provide us with your contact information and we will send you our current list of projects for review, you may choose 1 project or as many as you would like.


The best part, we allow you to set the interest rate you feel comfortable with, that is what separates our company from any other, if we accept your terms, we will then send you our business packet for your review and the required disclosure documents as we move forward.  


*All money provided by private funding is secured by a FIRST TRUST DEED (mortgage) processed through escrow with Title and Fire Insurance through a title company. The total value of private lender loans will not exceed 75% most however are 65% and under of the after repaired value (ARV) of each project.  


We look forward to working with you.  


Thank you from all of us here at NorthWest Florida House Buyer    


How does all this work?  Well, this is the fun part, besides being able to help people afford housing again, the other very exciting part is the fact that we operate on 'Private Funding', and some people donate.


This allows us to move at a much faster pace. Let us take the time here to explain;  (We will use an example of one of our recent projects).  


 We had a homeowner call us to buy one of their homes, they were paying on two mortgages and were desperate to rid one of them. They tried to sell using a Realtor but the listing expired. Our company made them an offer and we bought the house. It needed about 10k to clean it up and bring it up to date.


The house once it was cleaned up and fixed up was worth about 150k. We were able to buy it for $87,982.  We gave the lender who lent us the funds to buy and fix a monthly check while we had it in our inventory.  The lender made $5279.00 in 6 months doing absolutely nothing on top of the $87,982.00, so the lender made a great return on his investment.  We were able to increase the property value by $8k making the true market value at $158k. We sold that same property for $156,875.00 to a very happy couple.  


We took what was left after all closing cost, paying our contractors and bought a rundown dwelling just down the street from the one we just sold, fixed it up with the aid of more private funding and rented it to another family of three who was living in a one room apartment!  - So, do you see that this is a win-win for everyone involved?  Did you noticed the full circle?  This method allows us to help everyone involved, this truly enriches their lives as well as ours.  This is the very reason NorthWest Florida House Buyer was created.   


We are intimately involved in all aspects of the business, from the acquisition phase, the construction and on through to the end.  NorthWest Florida House Buyer has a team of experts who are focused and committed to cleaning up our communities and helping dreams become reality.



Sell my home now? “We buy houses even when no one else can,” and we will purchase yours too, all you have to do is call NorthWest Florida House Buyer today at 1-850-764-1474 or complete the contact form on the website now at

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